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Acharya Panchakarma

Suvarna Facepack

Suvarna Facepack

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40 gm

Effective in skin repair

Story of Suvarna πŸ₯° πŸ‘‰

Suvarna facepack is a master piece by Acharya Charaka. It is mentioned in Charaka Samhita written 1000s of years back.

It has 21 ingredients and is super effective for pimples, melasma and hyper pigmentation.

I have observed Suvarna facepack to be a bit stronger than Suvarna glow oil. So always do a patch test before applying. To see if your skin agrees to it

How to use ❀️ πŸ‘‰

Mix Suvarna facepack with water into a thick paste. Apply gently No need to do any massage. Then in 10-15 mins you can wash it off before it gets dry. Avoid using Suvarna facepack under the eye.

For Melasma & Pigmentation:
Mix suvarna facepack pack with water into a thick paste. Apply only on the pigmented skin patch. Apply once a day. Once the pigmentation lightens, you can apply on the whole face. Facepack has 'varnyam' properties and will make you fairer. So if you apply on the whole face from the start, the pigmented part will be more visible as the rest of the face becomes fairer.

For Pimples:
Apply on the whole face evenly.

Before the first usage, do a patch test on the area in front of the elbow (antecubital) or back of the ears to know whether it agrees with your skin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 444 reviews
Deepali H
Excellent for all types of skin

Removed my Tab, cleared pigmentation. Makes the face look bright and glowy immediately after application. No side effects. I will keep buying it.

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Review for facepack

Firstly, let's talk about the Glow Oil. Oily skin often deters individuals from using oils, fearing exacerbation of the issue. However, [Brand Name]'s Glow Oil is a game-changer. Lightweight and non-greasy, it effortlessly absorbs into the skin, providing deep hydration without clogging pores. It leaves behind a subtle glow that's both natural and radiant, without any unwanted shine. After incorporating it into my daily regimen, my skin feels nourished, balanced, and noticeably more luminous.

Next up is the Face Mask. Finding a mask that effectively tackles excess oil production while simultaneously providing much-needed hydration seemed like an impossible taskβ€”until I tried [Brand Name]'s offering. This mask is a powerhouse of purifying and hydrating ingredients, expertly formulated to address the specific needs of oily skin types. Its unique blend of [mention key ingredients if known] works synergistically to unclog pores, control sebum production, and refine the skin's texture. After just a few uses, my complexion appears clearer, smoother, and noticeably less oily.

Saanjh Lalwani

Suvarna Facepack

Chithra Surendran

So far good. Its been 2 weeks since I started using the oil. Seeing slight changes, acne marks are getting faded. Hoping more clearer skin with consistent use :) Thankyou so much.

Deepti Sharma

Suvarna Facepack

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