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Acharya Panchakarma

Pathimughadi Kerala Pink Water

Pathimughadi Kerala Pink Water

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40 gm

Mix of medicinal herbs to be infused with boiling water

Story of Pathimugadi

Pathimugadi is a product that is deeply rooted in Kerala tradition. This particular product is something that has been in the making for 15-years! You heard that right! The Pathimugham tree that I had planted all those years ago has finally been able to be harvested and brought to you as a wellness product for everybody to use! 

The tree after it’s harvesting is cut down into manageable pieces and further turned into smaller bits which will be used to turn into a powder. The powder is not just the Pathimugham bits but is also blended with a whole bunch of herbs that are very beneficial to the body. 

This is a product that has been used in both my family and in Kerala throughout our history and is a cure It all for several digestive and inflammatory problems. It is such a great delight to bring to you all such a product that even I have been using for so long. Hope you all love it just as much as I do! 

How to use ❤️ 👉

The Pathimugadi is supposed to boiled with water and the product can be used in very minimal amount to get a get very big yield. 

You can add just 1 teaspoon of the Pathimugadi to 5 liters of water and boil it to create the infamous Kerala Pink Water!  

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