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Acharya Panchakarma

Knee Pain Wrap with Kanaka Prabha Pain oil Combo

Knee Pain Wrap with Kanaka Prabha Pain oil Combo

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Knee pain wrap -1, Pain oil -1

Very effective for severe Knee Pain

Story of Knee Pain Wrap 🥰 👉

My Kanaka Prabha Knee Pain Wrap is a blend of 52 herbs. Herbs are
chosen carefully to work miraculously with Kanaka Prabha pain oil. Here is the story of Knee pain wrap:

A lot of people come to my clinic for knee pain. It used to be 5-6 patients a day. But after covid the numbers have increased to 10-12 patients a day. Probably coz of lifestyle change?

If the pain is chronic, the usual treatment is to
do a gentle massage with Kanaka Prabha Oil. Followed by covering the
knee with paste made by mixing powdered herbs and Kanaka Prabha pain oil. A piece of cloth of tied over it to keep the blend in place. This
works miraculously for knee pain relief.

My Kanaka Prabha Knee pain wrap is a well made concept of the exact same technique. My patients love it. Its quite convenient coz the oil stays in contact with the knee and it wont spread to bedsheets when you go to sleep.

How to use ❤️ 👉

When to use:

Knee Wrap should be used at
night before to sleep. This way, the wrap can stay in contact with your
knees for a long time. Most people can just feel the difference when
they wake up in the morning.

How long should you use:

Every night for at least 7 days. As days pass by, the Knee Wrap will absorb more oil and will get more effective. Please continue using even if you feel the relief after a couple of days. 7 days will ensure long term pain relief.

It is quite simple to use. Before starting, take the knee wrap in your hands and check both sides. As you can see, one side has cross stitches where you can feel the powders inside. Kanaka Prabha Oil should be poured on this with cross stitches.

Here are the steps. You should follow these steps for 7 nights.

Step 1:

Take a little Kanaka Prabha pain oil in the palm of your hands.

Step 2:

Warm the oil by rubbing both hands together.

Step 3:

Do a gentle massage over the knees. No need to apply any pressure. If there's swelling, please dont apply any pressure at all.

Step: 4

Pour 2 full bottle cap of Kanaka Prabha pain oil over the cross stitch side of the wrap.

Step: 5

Wrap it over the knee with oil poured side facing the knee. This way the oil and powder will come in contact with the skin.

Step: 6

Dont wrap it too tight. Secure the wrap with elastic holders given.

Step 7:

Sleep tight. The pain will be gone when you wake up. Remove the wrap and roll it back. Store it inside the container provided. Dont forget, You have to use it every night for 7 nights.

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Customer Reviews

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Knee Pain Wrap with Kanaka Prabha Pain oil Combo

Miriam mathew

Knee Pain Wrap with Kanaka Prabha Pain oil Combo

Divya Patel

It's not work in my dad knee pain.

Kinnari pandit
The wonder oil

With 0% Expectations I started using it .day one I find nothing two I find little relief but oh man from day 3 to day 7 I used it because it's written on the website that you should use it but the pain is completely gone .I really don't know what work better the oil part of it or the oil and
the wrap.. but trust me its the most powerful remedy to heal your pain. start using it now.

Meenu Prasad
Meenu Prasad

I have just started . Too early to say anything but I am sure it will help me in the long run 💕

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