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Acharya Panchakarma

Suvarna Glow Oil

Suvarna Glow Oil

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Excellent for bringing a glow to your face making the skin soft and supple.

Story of Suvarna 🥰 👉

Suvarna Glow Oil is not from my vaidya family. Its from the ancient ayurveda text book Charaka Samhita. It was written by Acharya Charaka 1000s of years back.

Over the years I have tried many formulations from ancient Ayurveda Samhitas. I have never come across anything as interesting as Suvarna.

Its super duper difficult to make. The paaka or the consistency is tricky to attain and it takes 10 to 13 hours to make. But its all worth it. Suvarna works like a charm.

Acharya Charaka recommends 7 consecutive nights of use to get the glow. Its not just the glow, its super effective for pimples, hyper pigmentation and melasma.

As far as I understand, the lavish use of goat milk in suvarna helps in skin nourishment and formation of new skin cells. The healthy new skin cells replace the old ones, thus getting rid of tan, pimples and pigmentation.

How to use ❤️ 👉

Suvarna glow oil is for your daily night routine. Wash your face well with water or gentle organic cleanser. Make sure there is no dust or oil left on your face. After pat drying, apply Suvarna oil by gently massaging the face and leave it overnight. You can usually see the glow of healthy new skin in 7 days.

Please reserve 15 min every night just for yourself. Stand close to the mirror and look at your face thoroughly. Love yourself. Do not let sun tan or pigmentation go unnoticed. Suvarna can repair your skin but you need to catch it early on.
Suvarna is suitable for all skin types. But we shouldn't experiment with our face. Before the first usage, do a patch test on the area in front of the elbow (the inner side of fold /antecubital) or back of the ears to know whether it agrees with your skin.
If you are using chemical products on your skin, please avoid using Suvarna. We cannot say how it might react.

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Customer Reviews

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Pradnya Rane
Magic Oil

Suvarna glow oil is doing wonders to my skin. I have stopped using night creams. In the morning, it feels like a fresh new skin everyday. The spots have significantly reduced and skin shines at times. I have reordered this oil multiple times now. I feel blessed that I came across this magic oil. Thank you @acharyapanchkarma!

Shrushti Barbhaya

Suvarna Glow Oil

Suvarna Shinde
Very effective

Love the product using on my 8years daughter also very much effective will continue using

Sneha Ravula

Suvarna Glow Oil

Archana Sharma
Suvarna Glow Oil

Have been using it for more than 15 days . My skin is more healthy and supple now.

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