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Acharya Panchakarma

Nisha Varnyam Hair Oil

Nisha Varnyam Hair Oil

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100 ml

Excellent for dandruff and hairfall

Story of Nisha Varnyam 🥰 👉

People often ask me - how can a hair oil help in dandruff prevention? Isn't it the job of an anti dandruff shampoo?

Well, thats the magic of Nisha Varnyam hair oil!

This awesome gift is passed on to me in my vaidya family. 1000s of years old and time tested recipe 🥰

Nisha Varnyam is for strengthening and nourishing the scalp skin.

The benefits are these:

1. No more Dandruff:

Dandruff is a result of dried up scalp. Using a shampoo to wash off the dead scalp skin is only a temporary fix. You have to work on improving the quality of scalp skin to get rid of dandruff once and for all. Nisha Varnyam helps in that.

2. Anti hair fall:

A good scalp is essential for stong hair roots. Nisha Varnyam is all about improving the scalp quality 🥰

3. New baby hairs:

Usually new baby hairs can be seen within 3 weeks of regular use. A well nourished scalp is essential for new baby hair.

4. The impossible

Nisha varnyam improves scalp quality so much that its even a cure for scalp psoriasis. There is no cure scalp psoriaris in modern science. But there are people who are completely cured from scalp psoriasis with the help of Nisha Varnyam 🙏 🙏

5. The Hair Conditioner

Nisha Varnyam is light. Its not sticky at all. It leaves the hair really conditioned and soft. I often use a bit after shower as my hair conditioner

Please note that it cannot be used to reverse baldness or grey hair. We have to catch it early and try to prevent it.

How to use ❤️ 👉

Massage Nishavarnyam hair oil well on your scalp with finger tips. Do not use excessive pressure. The goal here is to gently massage your hair roots with your finger tips while applying oil.

Use the oil consistently. Plan a routine and have atleast 3 hair care days a week. If you have the luxury of time, please slightly warm the hair oil before applying. Just slightly warm will do. The secret to healthy and luxurious hair is self-care. Invest time in yourself.

Using Nisha Varnyam without warming is also fine. Leave it on for a minimum of 10 mins and then take a shower. If you are used to leaving oil overnight, you can do so.

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Customer Reviews

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It’s awesome

My hair quality was better and improving after I use this oil. It’s already my 3rd bottle. The quantity and the pricing were a bit problem though



Excellent hair oil!!!!

Thanks souch fr sharing your wisdom with us!!!! excellent hair oil

Richa .

Nisha Varnyam Hair Oil

Dr Priyanka S Biradar

Still hair fall is not reduced

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