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Acharya Panchakarma

Kanaka Prabha Pain Oil

Kanaka Prabha Pain Oil

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115 ml

Excellent for pain relief

Story of Kanaka Prabha πŸ₯° πŸ‘‰

Kanaka Prabha is an ancient recipe passed down to me in my Vaidya family. I grew up watching my father and grand father making Kanaka Prabha. Each batch is prepared by my own hands for 3 reasons:Β 

1. I like making oils 😊

2. Its the only thing I know πŸ˜…

3. People ask for Kanaka Prabha coz they want to see their loved ones pain free. I want to be a part of that love and as a vaidya I feel responsible for them.Β 

Kanaka Prabha is 100% organic. It's time tested with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. We are known all over the world for this pain oil. People lovingly call it 'Miracle Oil' πŸ₯°

It's super effective for Knee pain. It's sooo effective that instead of asking for Kanaka Prabha people just ask me "Ma'am, I need your knee pain oil" πŸ˜….Β  It's equally effective for arthritis, all types of joint pain, back pain, frozen shoulder, nerve pain, swelling etc.

How to use ❀️ πŸ‘‰

My father has always told me that "any medicine is only as effective as you believe it to be".

Before applying, you have to believe in Kanaka Prabha. It's proven and has helped so many people in avoiding even knee replacement surgeries.


1. Kanaka Prabha should only applied on clean and dry skin.


1. There shouldnt be any dirt or sweat on the skin.

2. Kanaka Prabha shouldnt be used on open wounds.

Method of application:

1. Just take a little oil in your hands and warm it by rubbing both hands together.

2. Apply on the affected area. Do some soft massage as a part of the application. No need to apply any pressure especially if there is any swelling.

3. Leave it overnight. It helps as lot if you tie a piece of clean cloth over the affected area and pour a bit of oil over the cloth. This will help the oil stay in contact with the skin and seep into the skin.

4. Sleep tight. Pain will be gone by morning.

Sometimes if the pain is more and you need quick relief, heat a tawa and use the heated surface to warm a dry towel (do not use wet towel). Apply the towel intermittently on the affected area after applying Kanaka prabha. Just slightly warm is enough. Hotpack is also good for this.

5. If you are buying Kanaka Prabha for your husband, parents or in-laws, do write to me your story of love on our whatsapp. Reading your messages is the highest point of my day. It makes me feel like I am a part of your family πŸ€— πŸ€—

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Customer Reviews

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Sirisha Kr

Kanaka Prabha Pain Oil

Bindu Mangla It was a lovely neckpiece and I wish you had matching earrings too

Kanaka Prabha Pain Oil

Vijayalakshmi Gara

Kanaka Prabha Pain Oil

Mrs Usha M
Pain oil

I have started to use only few days back.i will give my review shortly

Prashant Singh Parmar
Kanaka Prabha Pain oil

I want share my review the oil works really well my mother is happy with oil im going to order the second bottle soon. Thank you so much team kanaka Prabha oil is really effective ☺️

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