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Acharya Panchakarma

Kizhi with 2 Kanaka Prabha Pain oil Combo

Kizhi with 2 Kanaka Prabha Pain oil Combo

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Excellent for pain management and swelling

Story of Kizhi 🥰 👉

Kizhi or Potli is an ancient pain relief treatment in Kerala panchakarma 🙏  We use it everyday in my small clinic for pain relief treatments. If used properly, it's very effective.

There are 16 herbs in my Kizhi. Herbs are hand-picked to work miraculously with Kanaka Prabha pain oil.

You can use a kizhi for 14 days. Usually even in case of chronic knee pain, back or shoulder pain, my customers get good relief by the 14th day. As days pass by, Kizhi will absorb more oil and will become more effective 💪

I have written a detailed instruction in how to use section. Please read well before using.

How to use ❤️ 👉

Ok, there is only one rule with using Kizhi.

👉 Consistency

Use kizhi at the same time everyday. Preferably before going to bed.


1. Warm atleast half a bottle of Kanka Prabha in a small round bottom kadai.

2. Dip the kizhi in warm oil.

3. Apply lavishly on painful areas.

4. Repeat dipping in warm oil when Kizhi gets dry.

5. Apply for 15 to 20 minutes. Enjoy the warmth it provides 🥰 . Just make sure its not too hot.

6. Get some rest. I prefer applying kizhi on myself at night after i am done with all the house hold chores. You know, me time 🥰

7. Pour the cooled down oil back in the bottle and store away for next day. You can leave it on the kadai but just make sure to close the kadai properly.

8. As days pass by, Kizhi will absord more and more oil and will get more effective.

9. Continue applying for a minimum of 7 days. Pain relief can be felt within the first couple of applications.

10. Dont forget to write to me about your kizhi experience on our whatsapp 🙏 🤗

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Santha Kumar


Payrian Patrian
Good quality but bit expensive

The quality of the oil is amazing
But it's is a bit expensive
Would be great bigger bottles bigger quantity bottles so we don't have to buy multiple times
However product quality customer service and honestly of the team is number 1
Best quality till date I have seen

Steffi Fernandes

Kizhi with 2 Kanaka Prabha Pain oil Combo

Vishakha .

Kizhi with 2 Kanaka Prabha Pain oil Combo

Kamlesh Soni
For face pack and pain relief oil

Excellent 👌

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