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Acharya Panchakarma

Kallolini Stretch Mark Oil

Kallolini Stretch Mark Oil

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15 ml

For new mothers and recently formed stretch marks only 

Story of Kallolini Stretch mark oil 🥰 👉

“ Ma’am, Do you have an oil for pregnancy stretch marks”. I get this question so many times from so many of my dear customers. 

My solution is simple. I just go back and follow what Our ancestors did. I have learned this formulation from within my family and also from the community. In my younger days there were so many home remedies that pregnant women used to follow.

Abhyanga or a mild self-massage was very common during pregnancy and after. They used so many different alternatives. I have chosen the most common and effective herbs for this stretch mark oil like turmeric, Nilamparanda and a lottt of coconut milk. These ingredients do wonders to the skin separately too. But together they work even better. Over the years I have made Kallolini in small quantities for only for my close friends and family. Its because its super hard and time taking to prepare it. 

I have been thinking about making it for you all. But the difficult process kind of made me delay it. Now that so many of you have asked I finally decided to make it for you.  Ingredients like Nilamparanda were so common till 15 years ago. But nowadays its so hard to find. Then it takes so many coconuts to make the oil. Just like Suvarna, the stirring goes on for almost 8 to 10 hours. However its so enjoyable to see the colour changes that happen while making it. And when I hear about the results its evern more joyful.

So what kind of stretch marks can be reduced or lightened. From my personal experience, the results can be seen sooner with marks that were formed recently. Stretch marks that occur during pregnancy or due to any recent weight loss or weight gain are the most common. It can be used during pregnancy too. 

Apart from that it can also help in chicken pox marks, recent injury or burn marks too. Home-grown turmeric and Nilamparanda always did the trick for many kinds of marks on the body back then. Even when kids used to get chicken pox, Nilamparanda was a common remedy for the marks. 

As with my other products, I dont add any chemicals to it. So it totally safe for you to try out. Unless you are allergic to turmeric. In addition to reducing the stretch marks it will also nourish your skin and you can feel the difference when you touch the skin. 

I really hope it helps you all. So excited for you all to try it out. 

How to use ❤️ 👉

Kallolini stretch mark oil is for your night routine. Its very simple to use. Wipe the affected area with a wet cloth and make it clean and dry. Just take a few drops and apply on the area with stretch marks. Leave it on for the night. If you are concerned that it would stain your clothes, you can probably wipe it off after a couple of hours just before sleeping. The longer it stays on the skin, the better it is. 

Consistency and Patience is the key. Use it everyday. Love your body and notice the changes that happen on your skin. If you see the stretch marks early, it is much easier for the skin to repair. The marks which have been there for a long time are more difficult to lighten.

If you are using other chemical products on your skin, please avoid using Kallolini oil. We cannot say how well they will get along


Kallolini is suitable for most skin types. But it has turmeric which may not suit some people. So before the first usage, do a patch test on a small area to know whether it agrees with your skin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
nisha aggarwal
Overall good experience

I already used 2 bottles of stretch mark oil, 1 is spare with me in total I had ordered 3 bottles, it looks effective but I want to know how long this will take to remove or lighten the stretch mark oil? How many bottles I need to used to get complete results?

Lavanya Adireddy
Best natural product in this century

It's very effective natural herbal product with zero side effects but very expensive than usual with very little amount (15ml - 990) it's last only for 2 weeks only ,frequent purchase untill best result is difficult

Shrushti Barbhaya

Kallolini Stretch Mark Oil

I cannot review yet

I cannot review yet as I dint see much difference yet.. what should be expected time to see difference

Venkata sai Paladugu
Thank you mam

My wife using the product 2bottle using and cost is little bit high

I'm waiting for results may it cause some more time, lets see what we are get

Definitely I'm reviewing your product we are getting results

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