Welcome to my dear Family of 4 lakh + Amazing Customers !!

My customers are my family. They are super girls, loving daughters, caring moms, awesome sisters, affectionate wives and super boys too. You can read 1000s of stories on my instagram page. They affectionately call Nisha Varnyam as "Magical Oil"

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Welcome to my Acharya Panchakarma. I am Radha, a 4th generation Vaidya from Kerala 🙏

Nisha Varnyam is in my vaidya family for generations. My grand father and my father were making it before. With God's grace, I am continuing the tradition now 🙏

How I make Nisha Varnyam!

I make Nisha Varnyam myself in my small clinic. Its incredibly hard to make. But the happy stories from my customers make it totally worth the effort 😍

Made with 21 rare herbs !

My customers call Nisha Varnyam as 'Magical Oil'. The magic is really in the 21 rare herbs. Super duper nice for the hair and scalp 😊

Fresh From My Farm!

Most of the herbs in Nisha Varnyam are from my farm. Some herbs are so rare that you wont find them anywhere else. I am very particular about the quality and freshness of ingredients😊

Preserving for generations to come

This is Pathalamoori herb. Native to western ghats of Kerala and almost extinct. It is a crucial ingredient of Nisha Varnyam and Magical for the scalp. With Gods help, this nature's gift is conserved in my farm.

How to Use?

Step 1 - Scalp Selfie

Take a 'before' scalp selfie. Healthy scalp is a life style choice. This scalp selfie will help you stay motivated on your strong hair journey

Step 2 - A little bit of oil

Step 3 - Dip your fingers

Step 4- Massage scalp with fingertips

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I use Shampoo? 

Nisha Vanyam won't be as effective if you use shampoo. It's supposed to remain on the scalp. But if you must, you can use a triphala herbal wash once a week. 

Will it make my hair sticky?  

Nisha Varnyam is not like regular hair oil. It's light and non sticky. It will leave your hair well conditioned, smooth and silky. You can see the difference when you run your fingers through your hair. 

Does it have a heavy smell? 

Nisha Varnyam has a pleasant smell. If you are an office goer, you can use it with confidence. 

I have severe hair fall. How soon can I expect results? 

A weak scalp is the underlying issue for hair fall. With regular use, most of my customers have reported 90% reduction in hair fall by the end of the month. But it can happen sooner if your scalp has only minor issues. Mostly within a month, with regular use, almost all scalp issues can be resolved. 

I have severe dandruff. Will it go away? 

Definitely yes. But use it regularly. Preferably everyday. And don't use shampoo. Dandruff will be cleared in a couple of washes but don't stop. Regular use will give you flawless scalp. Take a 'before picture' before the first use. It will help you appreciate your scalp more. 

Do you make it yourself?

Yes, I make it myself in small batches in my small clinic here in Kerala. The recipe is passed down to me in my Vaidya family. All the herbs are grown in my herb garden. I make oils and it's the only thing I am quite good at. 

I am afraid I am going bald. Is there a fix? 

Mmmm.. Baldness can only be delayed. However, there is a treatment in ayurveda called kuttanam. It's rather painful and will take two full months but it works if done in the right way. I don't do kuttanam in my clinic. But there might be acharyas who might do it. Just do a google search and do you research well if you plan to try it. 

Will it work on alopecia? 

I thought it would not work. But there was a customer who was adamant on trying to cure it with Nisha Varnyam. I tried to discourage her but she was quite enthusiastic. Awesomely, it worked for her. It was new information for me as well. Maybe because she believed in Nisha
Varnyam. Mind works in mysterious ways . Happy memories. I still remember her sometimes. 

How long does it take to reach me? 

We use bluedart to ship if the pincode is serviceable. If not delhivery. Usually 3 to 4 days but when asked I would say a week to
avoid disappointing my customers. 

How many bottles should I buy? 

Just one will be enough. But beware of husbands and boyfriends and siblings. They steal all the time. Especially when they start to notice the change in your hair 😅

Do you have other products? 

I make 4 products and that's all I will ever make. All are ancient recipes and very effective. 

Do you have your own recipes? 

No. All the recipes I have are passed down to me by my forefathers. It took many many generations of passionate Vaidyas to come up with these recipes. Me trying to make my own recipe is not justice to ayurveda. 

What not to expect 👇

Grey Hair

Nisha Varnyam cannot reverse grey hair. There are some recipes to manage grey hair in Indian traditional medicine but that's not the goal of
Nisha Varnyam. Nisha Varnyam is all about improving scalp condition and addressing the root cause of all hair problems. 


Nisha Varnyam cannot reverse hereditary baldness. However, if you do a daily scalp oil massage for 5 minutes, pattern baldness can be
delayed. If you notice that your scalp has started shining, then it's time to be alert. Just make sure, you don't show your scalp directly in
the sun and do some daily exercise to make your scalp sweat. 

Regular Shampooing

Nisha Varnyam won't be effective if you use shampoo on a regular basis. Shampoos come in two types. Synthetic with lauryl sulphates and
herbal with triphala or shikakai. Irrespective of the type, they all make your scalp dry and will make it flaky (hence dandruff). Nisha Varnyam is non-sticky. It won't make your hair greasy. It will act as a conditioner for your hair. You will feel it when you run your fingers
through your hair. But having said that, if you must use a shampoo, then go for a herbal one once a week. But not more than once. 

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