FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Suvarna Glow Oil

How to use the Suvarna Glow oil ?

Suvarna glow oil is for your daily night routine. Wash your face well with water or gentle organic cleanser. Make sure there is no dust or oil left on your face. After pat drying, apply Suvarna oil by gently massaging the face and leave it overnight. You can usually see the glow of healthy new skin in 7 days.

Please reserve 15 min every night just for yourself. Stand close to the mirror and look at your face thoroughly. Love yourself. Do not let sun tan or pigmentation go unnoticed. Suvarna can repair your skin but you need to catch it early on.

Do's and Dont's

Do's :
Suvarna is suitable for all skin types. But we shouldn't experiment with our face. Before the first usage, do a patch test on the area in front of the elbow (the inner side of fold /antecubital) or back of the ears to know whether it agrees with your skin.

Dont's :
If you are using chemical products on your skin, please avoid using Suvarna. We cannot say how it might react.

Benefits of Suvarna Glow Oil ?

Suvarna Glow oil is a magical skin remedy from Chakradutta Samhita. It brings a glow in your skin making it soft and supple. Also helps in skin repair, reducing acne, lightening of dark spots, tans and dark circles

Acne/ Pimples ?

Yes, the Suvarna glow oil is very effective for Acne/pimples. So many of customers have seen it reduce the acne.

However, if you have oily and sensitive skin with acne, it is better to do a patch test before usage. We can only say how effective it will be after trying it out. If you have severe acne, the Suvarna facepack would be a better choice.

The Suvarna facepack would be a very good addition for reducing Acne.

Dark circles ?

For dark circles, it is excellent. Generally suvarna glow oil is great for skin repair.

Along with Suvarna, good sleep is also very important to prevent dark circles from recurring.

Wrinkles ?

Suvarna Glow oil moisturizes the skin making it soft and supple. It will help reduce the wrinkles, thus making the skin soft.

Reducing Tan ?

We are exposed to the sun reguarly and sometimes more. So tanning is inevitable. In most cases we never see the true color of our skin due to tanning. Regular use of Suvarna will help in reducing tan and make you glow .

Pigmentation/ dark marks ?

For pigmentation / dark marks the Suvarna Glow oil has been so effective. With regular usage our customers have seen good improvement. The Suvarna facepack would be a very good addition if there is pigmenation.

Melasma ?

Melasma occurs due to hormonal issues. A combination of both Suvarna glow oil and Suvarna facepack would be really useful. However if you want to choose only one product, the suvarna facepack would be a better choice for Melasma.

Open pores ?

To reduce open pores, the glow oil has been useful in some customers. However some others havent found it useful. We can only know after trying it. Suvarna Face Pack is a better option for reducing open pores.

Will it make me fairer ?

Suvarna will only bring the glow in your skin, improve the skin quality and make it soft. It will not change your original color. But with regular usage, it will reduce tan, dark circles, pigmentation etc bringing your original color making you look fairer.

Side effect ?

It is fully herbal and doesn't have any side effect. It is clinically tested and our customers havent reported any side effects.

Ocassionally some customers have found that the glow oil does not suit their skin. So our advice is to discontinue the application in such cases.

My skin is very sensitive. Can I use it ?

The effectiveness differs from person to person. For sensitive or hyper sensitive skin We cannot be 100% sure that it will work. Since it is our face we should be extra careful. Suvarna has been very effective for some customers with sensitive skin, but at the same time it has not suited some others.

Its definitely worth a try as it is an ayurvedic product without any side effects. if you really want to try, our suggestion would be to test in a small area first, see how your skin reacts with it. If it works then it will be great, Otherwise you can discontinue anytime if you feel its not reacting well

Can I use sunscreen in the day

Yes, using sunscreen while going out in the sun is a very good practice to offer protection from the sun. We recommend using the glow oil at night because generally we dont use other skin products at night. We can reserve the night routine for the glow oil.

Can it be used on the lips ?

Yes it can be used on the lips. some customers have seen good improvement from discoloration around the lips.

Can I use it with other chemical products ?

No. We do not recommend using the glow oil while using any other chemical product like serums or creams. We cant say how it will react.

Age group?

It can used by anyone aged 5 and up

In how many days can I see the results ?

According to the legendary Acharya Chakradutta, continuous usage for 7 days or more will make the skin glow like gold. Hence the name Suvarna.

How often should I apply Suvarna glow oil

Using Suvarna glow oil every night as part of your night routine would be ideal. Regular usage would make the skin so soft and healthy.

Shelf life ?

Suvarna has a shelf life of 6 months at least. We dont add any preservatives to increase the shelf life. But you dont have to worry. We make in small batches only. The batch you receive would have been made a week before.

Can it be used for allergy marks ?

We would suggest not to use it with allergy marks. It would not be effective. The better option would be to treat the allergy internally and let the body heal by itself.

How much quantity of glow oil should I apply everyday

It depends from person to person. If you are in doubt, the suggestion is to use 3-4 drops.