FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Nisha Varnyam Hair Oil

How to use the Nisha Varnyam Hair Oil

Massage Nishavarnyam hair oil well on your scalp with finger tips. Do
not use excessive pressure. The goal here is to gently massage your hair
roots with your finger tips while applying oil.

Use the oil consistently. Plan a routine and have atleast 3 hair care days a week.

If you have the luxury of time, please slightly warm the hair oil before applying. Just slightly warm will do. The secret to healthy and luxurious hair is self-care. Invest time in yourself.

Using Nisha Varnyam without warming is also fine. Leave it on for a minimum of 10 mins and then take a shower. If you are used to leaving oil
overnight, you can do so.

Benefits of Nisha Varnyam Hair Oil

Nisha Varnyam is very good for preventing hair fall and dandruff, anti hair breakage, sleeplessness, migraine.

It improves the hair and scalp quality making the hair thicker and stronger.

Dandruff ?

Yes !! Its the best remedy out there for dandruff. Most of our customers are seeing significant reduction in dandruff after a few uses.

Please note that dandruff is not any serious disease. It is just a condition where your scalp goes dry and flaky. We need to nourish and give our scalp some care. Just use Nisha Varnyam for at least 2-3 days a week and keep it at bay and show off our healthy hair

Hairfall ?

Nisha Varnyam reduces hairfall significantly by making the roots stronger and improving the scalp health. Massage your scalp well 2-3 times with Nisha Varnyam and it will improve your hair quality.

Migraine / headache ?

Nisha Varnyam has been excellent for customers with migraine issues. Just massage well with it before shower. You can see the difference.

Sleeplessness ?

Nisha Varnyam helps in getting good sleep which is essential for our health. This oil has been used for so many years now. This has been a common feedback from many customers.

New hair growth ?

Hair fall happens due to multiple reasons. Hormonal issues, Scalp issues, age related, hereditary etc.

From our experience, customers who have had hairfall due to hormonal issues, pregnancy, scalp or dandruff issues have seen new hair growth after consistent use of the hair oil.

For hereditary and age related baldness, we cant say how effective it will be. But not to lose hope. These are age old ancient recipes without any side effect. We need to keep trying the safe and best options.

Can I use the hair oil for scalp psoriasis ?

Yes. Its an amazing feature of Nisha Varnyam. Many customers who faced this issue on their scalp found it extremely useful. They found that it got cured or reduced significantly after regular usage.

Secret benefit from Nisha Varnyam !!

Nisha Varnyam is super light and an excellent hair conditioner, which is unique with hair oils. You can feel how soft and wavy the hair is after application. Many customers have stopped using chemical based conditioners after they started using it.

Sometimes before going out i just take a few drops of Nisha varnyam and apply on my hair evenly.

Grey hair reversal ?

Nisha Varnyam would not help in grey hair reversal. However if we start using good hair oils early, it will delay the process of hair greying

Can I leave the hair oil overnight ?

Yes, you can leave it overnight. It depends on your habits and body. If you have been doing it for long please go ahead. Some people cant leave oil on the hair for long. They can apply for a few hours and then wash it.

Can I warm the Nisha Varnyam hair oil ?

Yes. If possible, slightly warm the hair oil before applying. Just slightly warm will do.

Using Nisha Varnyam without warming is also fine.

Should I wash my hair with shampoo after applying oil

Not necessarily. Normal wash with water is enough. If you feel that you have applied too much oil, you can wash with shampoo. But please reduce the usage of shampoo to once a week. Frequent shampooing is not good for the hair and scalp.

Does it have any side effect ?

Not at all. It is made of purely herbal ingredients. There are no side effects.

Shelf life ?

Nisha Varnyam has a shelf life of 6 months or more. We dont add any preservatives to increase the shelf life. But you dont have to worry. We make in small batches only. The batch you receive would have been made just a week before.

In how many days can I see the results ?

Generally our customers see the results within a month of use. There have been cases when it has helped within a few days. But it varies from person to person, condition etc.

The key is consistency and trust in the process. Please never give up !!

Age group ?

It can used by anyone aged 5 and up

Can I mix it with coconut oil ?

The base oil of Nisha Varnyam is already coconut oil. So you dont have to mix with coconut oil.