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Knee Pain Wrap

Story of Knee Pain Wrap

Hi, Radha here! I have been using Knee Pain Wrap along with Kanaka Prabha pain oil for treating my patients with chronic knee pain for years now. The Knee Wrap has gone through 100s of iterations and testing. It's super effective for pain management if used properly. 

In traditional Kerala Ayurveda, we use a "pichu" for treating chronic knee pain. It's a very effective 5000 year old practice. I just modified it for home use in this knee pain wrap. Herbs in the wrap are chosen to work miraculously with Kanaka Prabha pain oil. Hopefully this FAQ will answer all your concerns. 

What should I buy? Kanaka Prabha pain oil or Knee pain wrap? 

If you or loved ones have movement restricting knee pain ( eg: difficulty climbing stairs, difficulty standing for long hours, difficulty sitting inside a car for long periods of time) then, please use Knee Pain Wrap first for 7 days. Once the pain has subsided, just use Kanaka Prabha pain oil regularly. Knee Pain Wrap is a quick fix for knee pain. Once the pain is under control, regular use of Kanaka Prabha pain oil will ensure its bye-bye knee pain forever.  

So, is Kanaka Prabha pain oil not enough for knee pain? 

Kanaka Prabha pain oil is itself magical for knee pain. The Knee Pain Wrap is a quick fix for severe knee pain. It's specially designed to keep the oil and herbs in contact with the knee throughout the night and that too without spoiling bed sheets.

Is it magic? 

I dont know! But I would like to think it is!  If you go through our instagram reviews, you can see many many people have even avoided Knee replacement surgeries with Kanaka Prabha. Even doctors are astonished by the before and after MRI scans. We can only thank generations of passionate vaidyas who came up with such an oil. If they are watching us from the heavens, I am pretty sure that they are happy. Their efforts are still helping a lot of people to lead a quality life. 

My mom's pain is already gone after 3 days of use. Should we continue? 

Yes! Definitely! Use it for 7 days continously. It's more effective that way. Knee pain relief is a journey and not a destination. Knee is a load bearing joint. It needs continuous care and nourishment. As days go by, the powdered herbs inside the wrap will absorb more oil and will become more effective. So please use it for 7 days.

 I always give preference to patients with Knee pain in my clinic. All other back and joint pain can wait, but knee pain cannot. It's the worst kind of joint pain out there and would totally worsen the quality of life if not treated early on. 

Which side of Knee pain wrap should I pour oil on? 

There is a side with cross stitches on Knee pain wrap. If you look closely or smell, you can feel the powdered herbs inside this thin cloth with cross stitches. This is where you  need to pour the oil. When wrapped around your knee, this side should come into contact with your skin. So that the oil and powders will seep into your knee skin. Pour at least two bottle caps of oil each time you use the wrap. 

What's the best time to use it? 

You can use it anytime of the day, but better to use it at night before you sleep. This way, the oil and herbs can get into contact with your skin for longer and your knees also get adequate rest. In the morning, just roll back the wrap and put it inside the container provided. Use it every night for 7 nights. Dont forget to pour two caps of oil each time you use. 

I have swelling on my knees. Can I use it? 

Yes you can. But dont wrap it too tight. Pressure should not be applied on swelling. Just wrap it loosely. Most swelling will go down within a few uses. 

Should I get Kizhi or Knee Wrap? 

If it's for the knee, of course, please get a knee wrap. Knee wrap is specially made for the knee. 

I have knee pain in both my legs. Should I buy two Knee Wraps?

If you can afford it, then yes. If not, just buy one Knee Pain Wrap.  Even though I mention 7 nights of use, the wrap is good for 14 nights. Just use the Wrap on the more painful knee and massage the other knee with Kanaka Prabha. Once 7 days on one knee is complete, switch the wrap to the other knee. The Wrap will absorb more oil and become more effective as days pass by. Just make sure you roll it back and store it in an airtight container after use.

Can I order many pieces?

If it's for urgent pain relief, yes you can, But if you intend to store it for later use, please refrain from ordering more than you need at the moment. I make only 10 pieces a day. Hand stitching is a time taking process and I can't make more

Can I use it for ankle pain and shoulder pain?

Yes you can. If you can wrap it, then use it. I am 70 years old and I have seen all sorts of pain. If it will work for knee pain, then it will work for all sorts of pain.

Then, why do you call it Knee Pain Wrap?

Good question. Knee pain is the worst of all joint pains. It's the kind of pain that will severely affect the quality of life. I always give preference to patients with knee pain in my clinic. I just extended it to my website.

Should I buy two Kanaka Prabha oil with the Knee Wrap?

Yes, if you can afford it buy two. Kanaka Prabha is like magic and we need as much magic as we can. Use Kanaka Prabha lavishly.

My mom is scheduled for knee replacement surgery. Should I try the Wrap?

A big yes!! Please use it. So many people have avoided knee replacement surgeries with Kanaka Prabha. My prayers are with you

Here is an interesting story if you would like to read more

Talking about knee pain made me remember a mother in her 60s who
came to see me at my clinic some years back. I think a lot of Indian
women, including myself, can empathize with her. The thing with Knee pain is that, it won't let you enjoy your life.  The moment
she thinks about going for a trip or an outing with her daughter or son,
this stubborn knee pain will come into picture. If the trip involves
some walking or stairs then it's a concern. Not just for her but for the
whole family. Being a strong independent woman, she hated it. She didn't want to burden anybody and rightfully so.  As with most women, she is the one who managing her home, especially the cooking. The long hours she spends standing in the kitchen has given her a stubborn knee pain. There were
also tell tale signs of varicose veins. What's worse is that she didn't have the luxury of time for a clinic treatment coz of her
responsibilities.  The first version of knee wrap was made for her.
Happy to say it worked out really well for her. God bless her. You
young people out there, please take care of your knees. It's a strong
joint, but once you start experiencing knee pain, it is really difficult
to get rid of it. One easy way is to do surya namaskar every day. It
will take just 10 minutes of your time everyday, but it keeps you
flexible, life long.  There are tons of detailed youtube tutorials out
there. It's never too late to start. That's it for now. Take care of yourself and stay healthy.