FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Kizhi with Kanaka Prabha Pain Oil

What is kizhi

Kizhi is an ancient panchakarma treatment for long lasting pain relief. Every Kizhi formula is unique and herbs chosen for Kizhi should complement type of pain oil used.

How to apply Kizhi? Is there a technique?

Ok, there is only one rule with using Kizhi.

👉 Consistency

Use kizhi at the same time everyday. Preferably before going to bed.


1. Warm atleast half a bottle of Kanka Prabha in a small round bottom kadai.

2. Dip the kizhi in warm oil.

3. Apply lavishly on painful areas.

4. Repeat dipping in warm oil when Kizhi gets dry.

5. Apply for 15 to 20 minutes. Enjoy the warmth it provides 🥰 . Just make sure its not too hot.

6. Get some rest. I prefer applying kizhi on myself at night after i am done with all the house hold chores. You know, me time 🥰

7. Pour the cooled down oil back in the bottle and store away for next day. You can leave it on the kadai but just make sure to close the kadai properly.

8. As days pass by, Kizhi will absord more and more oil and will get more effective.

9. Continue applying for a minimum of 7 days. Pain relief can be felt within the first couple of applications.

10. Dont forget to write to me about your kizhi experience on our whatsapp 🙏 🤗

For how many days can Kizhi be used?

In my clinic, I use kizhi for 7 to 14 days treatment. As days go by, Kizhi will absorbs more Kanka Prabha oil and it becomes more potent.

Should I use Kizhi continuously?

Yes, it should be used continuously everday once you start using Kizhi.

How to store Kizhi?

After use, just put Kizhi back in the ziplock bag provided and store it in a container. DO NOT keep Kizhi inside the fridge.

Should I follow a routine timing while applying Kizhi?

Yes you should follow a routine when applying Kizhi. Please try to do it at the same time everyday

For how long should I apply?

Ideally for 30 min.

Should I wash off the oil after applying?

No, let it sit there for a while

Can Kizhi be used for Varicose veins

Kanakaprabha Pain Oil alone will be enough for Varicose Vein. We suggest not to use kizhi for varicose vein issue since its heated.