FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Kanaka Prabha Pain Oil

How to use the Kanaka Prabha Pain Oil ?

My father has always told me that "any medicine is only as effective as you believe it to be".

Before applying, you have to believe in Kanaka Prabha. It's proven and has
helped so many people in avoiding even knee replacement surgeries.

Method of application:

1. Just take a little oil in your hands and warm it by rubbing both hands together.

2. Apply on the affected area. Do some soft massage as a part of the
application. No need to apply any pressure especially if there is any

3. Leave it overnight. It helps a lot if you tie a piece of clean cloth over the affected area and pour a bit of oil over the cloth. This will help the oil stay in contact with the skin and seep into the skin.

4. Sleep tight. Pain will be gone by morning.

Sometimes, if the pain is more and you need quick relief, heat a tawa and use the heated surface to warm a dry towel (do not use wet towel). Apply the towel intermittently on the affected area after applying Kanaka prabha. Just slightly warm is enough. Hotpack is also good for this.

5. If you are buying Kanaka Prabha for your husband, parents or in-laws, do write to me your story of love on our whatsapp. Reading your messages is the highest point of my day. It makes me feel like I am a part of your family 🤗 🤗

What are the benefits of Kanaka Prabha ?

Kanaka Prabha Pain Oil is an ancient recipe to relieve many types of pain in our body. Generally our customers use the pain oil to get relief from these problems

1. Knee Pain

2. Arthritis / Joint Pain

3. Swelling

4. Back Pain / Slip disc

5. Shoulder Pain

6. Varicose vein

7. Sciatica

8. Neck pain / Spondylosis

9. Sprain / Internal injuries

10. Ligament tear

11. Cartilage injury

12. Nerve related pain

13. Numbness

14. Burning / Tingling sensation

Do's and Dont's


1. Kanaka Prabha should only be applied on clean and dry skin.


1. There shouldnt be any dirt or sweat on the skin.

2. Kanaka Prabha shouldnt be used on open wounds.

3. Dont use Kanaka Prabha for headache

Knee Pain ?

Yes !!! Of course.

It has been a magical oil for knee pain for our customers. Kanaka Prabha has been so effective and in most cases the results are seen within a few days.

Arthritis or Joint pain ?

Yes, It provides excellent relief from any pain that arises from Arthritis.

Swelling ?

Yes, it is super effective in reducing swelling. Its one of the key features of Kanaka Prabha. Many of our customers who experience moderate to severe swelling have found it very useful.

In case of swelling, we have to be extra careful while applying. If possible dip a piece of cloth in Kanaka Prabha and tie it around the swollen area.

Back pain ?

Yes of course !

There are so many reasons which cause back pain right from exertion to old age. Kanaka Prabha will provide long lasting relief in most kinds of back pain.

Shoulder pain ?

Yes. It is super effective for any kind of shoulder pain including frozen shoulder or other pain due to exertion

Varicose vein issue ?

Yes, It is providing very good relief from pain due to Varicose issue. Please note not to massage hard with pressure and dont use hotpack.

Can it be used by Paralysis patients ?

Yes. Paralysis patients face severe pain along with the loss of control. Kanaka Prabha will surely give very good relief from the pain.

For some customers who could not move their arms for years, Kanaka Prabha has shown its magic. They have seen their arms move after consistent usage of the oil. I believe its not just about the oil. Its about the belief in oneself and the recovery process.

My mom/dad has pain after Knee surgery. Can they use it ?

Yes. Many customers have faced similar situations after knee surgery. They have found very good results with it.

Fracture ?

Kanaka Prabha magically helps in the recovery process from any fracture you have experienced. Just make sure that the external wounds have completely healed before application.

Ligament tear / ACL ?

It will help in the recovery process if applied consistently. In grade 1 and 2 tear, We have seen it help in the recovery process and reduce pain. In ACL/ grade 3 tear, recovery is more difficult. But still Kanakaprabha will give good relief from pain.

What are the other cases when Kanakaprabha gives relief ?

Any joint pain, Varicose vein, Slip disc, Sciatica, Neck pain, Swelling, Spondylosis, Sprain, Ligament tear, Cartilage injury, Nerve related pain

Can I heat the oil before use ?

Yes, Kanakaprabha can be warmed a bit before application. It gives a better feeling if it is applied warm.

Should I apply hot water after application ?

It is better not to use cloth dipped in hot water after application of Kanaka Prabha. Its better to heat a dry cloth or use a hotpack.

Should I massage hard or soft ?

This is a common question from customers. Unless you are a doctor who understands the body anatomy really well our suggestion is to apply and do a mild massage without any pressure. Just apply and Let Kanaka Prabha do its magic

Headache ?

No. Kanaka Prabha cannot be used for head ache. Please try our Nisha Varnyam hair oil for relief from headache and good sleep.

Side effect ?

It is fully herbal and doesn't have any side effect. It is clinically tested and has been successfully helping thousands of customers for centuries now.

Shelf life ?

Kanaka Prabha has a shelf life of 6 months at least. We dont add any preservatives to increase the shelf life. But you dont have to worry. We make in small batches only. The batch you receive would have been made a week before.

Age Group ?

It can be used by anyone aged 5 and up

In how many days can I see the results ?

Generally our customers see the results within 2 weeks of use. There have been cases when it has helped within a day. But it varies from person to person, condition etc.

The key is consistency and trust in the process. Please never give up !!

Ingredients ?

Just kidding! 😅😅. The only secret ingredient in Kanaka Prabha is 'Love'.

Kanaka Prabha has 52 herbs as its ingredients. It is fully organic and handmade.

There was a time i was finding it increasily hard to make Kanaka Prabha. Some of the crucial ingredients like 'pathala moori', 'ottaveru', 'ven nochi' and 'nalila valli' were almost nowhere to be found anymore. Its a fact that we are losing our medicinal plants at an alarming rate.

Thanks to you, I have a half acre herb garden now 🥰. I can now sustainably make Kanaka Prabha. But only in small batches 🙏 🙏

Here's the list:

Chandanam, manjatti, jadamaanji, kaattu tippali varu, vana vrindakam, nalila valli, chukku, ottaveru, njaval poovu, patta, neermaruthu, thanikka, nellikka, kadukka, eratti madhuram, nagapoovu, chamarkaaram, puzhukka, gulggulu, raktha chandanam, pathalamoori, vennochi, kudangal, pathimukham, nuruneeendi, karpooram, karutha kundirikkam, thakaram, charalam, chenjalyam, paavu, neelakoduveli, kottam, ilippa, veppinpatta, chanam, ramacham, alakkucheru, chengazhi, mullatha, manimaruthu, vettila, noni, danthapala, ashokam, lekshmitharu, ayyapaana, changalamparanda, mailanji, ithi, moorikooti, akathi, chittaratha, varattu manjal

base: varutha nallenna (dark roasted sesame oil), avanakku enna (castor oil), kadukenna (mustard oil)

Can I use the pain oil for body massage ?

Yes. It can be used for massage. We use the same oil in our clinic for massage. Soon we will be introducing the oil for daily massage which will keep your body healthy and young.

How often should I use it ?

Its advisable to use Kanaka Prabha everyday, preferably at the same time. Once the pain subsides, you can reduce the frequency of usage.

In pain due to old age, regular care would do wonders. Even after the pain subsides, we would recommend using the oil 2-3 times a week.

Can I use it in an AC room ?

Sure. You can use it in any temperature.