FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Kallolini Stretch Mark Oil

How to use the Kallolini Stretch Mark Oil ?

Kallolini stretch mark oil is for your night routine. Its very simple to use. Wipe the affected area with a wet cloth and make it clean and dry. Just take a few drops and apply on the area with stretch marks. Leave it on for the night. If you are concerned that it would stain your clothes, you can probably wipe it off after a couple of hours just before sleeping. The longer it stays on the skin, the better it is. 

Consistency and Patience is the key. Use it everyday. If you notice the stretch marks early, it is much easier for the skin to repair.

If you are using other chemical products on your skin, please avoid using Kallolini oil. We cannot say how it might react.

Do's and Dont's

Do's :

Kallolini is suitable for most skin types. But it has turmeric which may not suit some people. So before the first usage, do a patch test on a small area to know whether it agrees with your skin.

Dont's :
If you are using chemical products on your skin, please avoid using Kallolini Stretch Mark oil. We cannot say how it might react.

Benefits of Kallolini Stretch Mark Oil ?

It lightens the stretch marks and nourishes the skin. For chronic stretch marks it might take a long time to see changes. It also lightens mild scars from chicken pox, injuries, burns etc. However for deep scars marks which have been there for many years it will take a long time to lighten

Which is the base oil for this oil

Coconut Milk is the base. It also has sesame oil.

In how many days can we see the results ?

Normally it takes 2-4 weeks to show the changes. However, chronic stretch marks may take longer depending on skin type

Is it good for wound scars ?

Depending on the skin type and scar type results might vary. For example, we have seen this cure chicken pox scars effectively. Its definitely worth a try, as it is harmless and should leave the skin nourished.

Should we follow any diet while using this oil

Its for external application only and you can follow regular diet. However, for improved elasticity drink lots of water (~10 glasses a day), Vitamic C/ Vitamin E/ Omega 3 rich fruits/ nuts and veggies can act as a catalyst to heal the scars)

Can it be used during the time of pcos and pcod

Yes, since its applied only externally and completely natural, it is safe

Should we wrap any cloth around it after the application

Not necessary, but ensure contact of oil with skin as much as possible

Should we massage this oil on the area where we have the stretch marks

A light massage in circular motion should be enough

Can it be mixed with other homemade remedies

It is recommended to apply the oil on clean skin, recommended not to mix it with other skin products with chemicals. You can complement with your own home remedies seperately

Side effect ?

It is fully herbal and doesn't have any side effect. It is clinically tested and our customers havent reported any side effects.

My skin is very sensitive. Can I use it ?

The effectiveness differs from person to person. Since it is a fully herbal product, Its definitely worth a try. our suggestion would be to test in a small area first, see how your skin reacts with it. If it works then it will be great, Otherwise you can discontinue anytime if you feel its not reacting well

Can old stretch marks go away ?

Really old stretch marks might take many months to go away. You might have to supplement the oil with proper diet and hydration. Some scars might be permanent. 

Can I use it with other chemical products ?

No. We do not recommend using the stretch mark oil while using any other chemical product like serums or creams. We cant say how it will react.

Age group?

It can used by anyone aged 5 and up.

How often should I apply Kallolini stretch mark oil

Using Kallolini stretch mark oil every night as part of your night routine would be ideal. Regular usage would make the skin so soft and healthy.

Shelf life ?

Kallolini oil has a shelf life of 18 months at least. We dont add any preservatives to increase the shelf life. But you dont have to worry. We make in small batches only. The batch you receive would have been made a week before.

Can it be used for allergy marks ?

We would suggest you to first consult the doctor regarding the same. If the allergy has already been cured and only the marks are left, you can surely use it.

Can it be used on a daily basis


Can this be used by pregnant ladies

Yes it is very safe for pregnant ladies. However if turmeric doesnt agree with you, please avoid it.

Can it be used to get rid of the red colour stretch marks


Will it be useful for removing the stretch marks due to gym activities


Will my stretch marks permanently go away ?

The cause of stretch marks is abnormal stress on the skin due to increase or decrease in weight. Once cured, if the skin is not stressed too much and is well nourished, you will not see it coming back. Chronic stretch marks might not be completely erased. However, skin nourishment is guaranteed

Are teenage stretch marks curable with this oil


Does this oil work on surgery marks

It depends on the severity of the marks and the time. However it is not as easy to lighten the deep surgery marks as it is to lighten the stretch marks. Our suggestion is to try it for the light scars only.