My 15 - Year Old Gift To You

My dear magnificent Pathimugham Tree,
Do you remember the day we met 15 years back? You were a sapling then. Looking at you now, I am so proud to watch you grow into a majestic tree. Over the years we have spent a lot of time together and have grown close to each other. I want you to know, I have enjoyed every bit of it. I am so happy that you will be bringing joy and health to a lot of people.
- Radha


Soooo, The pathimugham tree I planted in my farm 15 years back is mature now. Its majestic, isn’t it? I am gonna harvest it. It’s a necessity coz pathimugham tree will wilt and die if its not harvested at the right time.

Since time immemorial, people of Kerala have been using a herbal mix of Pathimugham in their drinking water. People all over the world call this super charged water as “Kerala Pink Water”. Pathimukham when mixed with herbs such as Karingakli, Dhanyaka, Naruneendi, Ramacham, Elam and Chukku can turn an average glass of water into a fragrant, healthy beverage. Regular drinking of this super charged water comes with immense health benefits such an improved digestion, cooling of body, brighter skin and blood purification.

This bright orange part is the core of Pathimugham tree. We will be using this part to prepare our super charged water mix.


The core separated and made into fine chops.


Then mixed with other herbs in an ural